a true story….

The number one challenge when a landlord decides to hire tenants to do work or maintain a property in order to cut cost is whether that person can be trusted to always handle any situation at the property in a professional manner.
This week, we had an interesting example of what can happen.
In this case, a landlord agreed with a tenant to pay the tenant to do the snow maintenance at the property in order to save money.  The tenant asked the other tenants to make sure they remove their cars so that he can do the snow blowing on the driveway.  However one of the tenants is physically disabled and with a foot of snow was unable to physically move his car.
So the tenant blowing the snow decided to send this fellow a message.  To that affect the tenant decided to take his revenge out on the car that was not moved, and he decided to blow the equivalent of 5 parking spots of snow onto the tenants car.  Not only risking damage to the car but also preventing the tenant from being able to even access his car.  Now,

Due to this action the affected tenant may have incurred costs for damages, may look to go after the landlord in tribunal, and may terminate his lease, leaving the landlord with a vacancy.

Saving a few dollars may cost this landlord a great deal more at the end of the day.

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