25 billion downloads and counting…

This week Apple announced that the 25th billion app was downloaded…if you spend a minute thinking about this, it’s quite incredible.  Our world is becoming faster and faster and the need for information at our finger tips has never been greater.  Whether it’s to keep us connected to our friends, share our products, or explore our world, thousands of apps have been created and more and more appear every day.  And of course, real estate investing has its own share of downloadable apps designed to help you in your business.

Apps for real estate seem to be found in three main categories: those that are produced by the banks, the ones from realtors and related government bodies, and ones from entrepreneurs designing apps to help the modern investor.

I can’t evaluate them all here – check out the app store, and you’ll see why – but I can point out a couple that are useful and affordable (read ‘free’).

Realtor.ca can help you find homes based on your criteria, and can even show you homes based on your physical location (location settings need to be turned on).  The downside to this app is that it does not include commercial properties, but if you’re looking for a single unit home, this app can help you find one on the fly.

Another tool to have is a quick mortgage calculator.  Most of the banks have an app that lets you populate the figures to see your monthly debit coverage cost, but if you don’t feel like supporting a bank, the CMHC has a pretty good app that calculates your mortgage payment, and has other useful tools too.


As mentioned there are also a bunch of apps that claim to help you evaluate properties, and while some of these are obviously based in the States (for predicting market appreciation, vacancy rates, etc.), the math (ROI, CAP rate etc.) can be applied to Canadian properties too.

So, check out these tools, they will save you time and ensure that even if you’re mobile, information is at your fingertips, and if you’re ever wondering about something else to help you do your business, there’s probably an app for that too!


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